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Acacia Honey

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Acacia Honey

´┐ŻAcacia honey is quite a unique honey. It is one of the brightest ones that exist. When liquid, acacia honey is almost transparent but once it crystallizes, it becomes white or very pale yellow in color. It characterizes with slow crystallization which can take months thanks to high amount of fructose.´┐Ż

Acacia honey is one of the sweetest honeys in the world, thanks to high quantity of sucrose which in freshly extracted honey, reaches between 7% and 10%. However, the longer the honey is stored the less sucrose there is in it.

The smell is gentler, slightly bland with a subtle acacia fragrance. Acacia honey is very sweet, exquisite and somewhat sour. Thanks to that and the consistency, once crystallized – it is often used as a sweetener instead of refined sugar.