5 Immunity boosters to fight seasonal Flu

The season of rain, lush greenery, and beautiful cloudy sky: Monsoon is here. But with the beauty of this season come a lot of ailments too. The most common and dreaded in the current times, influenza or casually known as the common cold, affects the majority of people in Monsoon. Since the pandemic, the fear of the common cold has increased because the symptoms of Flu and Covid-19 have been the same. Therefore, it has become very important that instead of spending so much money on medicines with side effects, we would rather boost our immunity with natural products. These 5 immunity boosters have the power of nature to keep you healthy and protect you against the common cold as well as other viral infections. Read ahead to find out why they are so beneficial for our health!

  1. Royal Bee Covicut Juice

This juice is a blessing in this pandemic because Indians have believed in the power of natural remedies to boost our immunity for centuries now. Influenza is a common problem but cannot be treated without sincerity in the times of Covid-19 and hence, boosting our immunity against all types of Flu, viral fever, and common monsoon health issues. Made with the goodness of Kali Mirch, Giloy, Chirayata, Kalmegh, Pipal, Tulsi, and sunthi, this juice is a powerhouse of immunity.

  1. Royal Bee Ayush Joshanda

How about a dose of immunity every morning? Now you can start your day with the goodness of Tulsi, Kali Mirchi, Sunthi, and Dalchini with Ayush Joshanda. It not only boosts your immunity but also benefits your metabolism, making you more fit. These days the work-from-home lifestyle has made everyone lazy, and thus to combat that become active again, all you need is a push of natural herbs. The primary benefit of this elixir is that it cleans the lungs, which have become the victim of toxic smoke, pollution, and even the microbes in the air. Our lungs are sensitive, and that’s why they need protection during these challenging times the most.

  1. Royal Bee Tulsi drop

Tulsi has been known as the most iconic plant in Indian households because of its religious as well as medicinal properties and has been used to treat Flu for ages now. But Tulsi has different categories which become even stronger when clubbed together. With the goodness of Barberi, Kapoor Tulsi, Van Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, and the Tulsi plant together in the Royal Bee Tulsi Drop, it comes with the superpower of keeping the Flu away. In these challenging times, taking a drop of this magical combination will boost your immunity and keep you safe from all types of infections.

  1. Royal Bee Giloy juice

Giloy is a heart-shaped herb that has been used as an antioxidant since time unknown because it has been keeping the Flu away for all. It has powerful properties which help in cleaning the blood and develop new blood cells. Thus, kicking the toxins out of the body makes the immune system even stronger against seasonal Flu and infections. When combined with the power of Tulsi, Giloy juice becomes even more powerful. So, to keep seasonal Flu and other infections at bay, drink up a cup every day and enjoy your Monsoon like never before.

  1. Royal Bee Ayush Kwath

Did you know that Stress impacts our immune system negatively? Yes, that is why the more we tend to worry and have difficulty sleeping, the more we tend to fall sick. Switching up your coffee with Ayush Kwath, a tea with the power of Tulsi, Kali Mirch, Sunthi, and Dalchini does not only reduces the caffeine in your body but helps you fight Stress. When you worry less, switch up your bad habits to healthy ones, and boost your immune system with this power-packed Tea, this beautiful season of Monsoon becomes enjoyable without the worries of catching a cold.

Adding this powerhouse of health to your daily life, you get to boost your immune system and enjoy the season of rain even more. There’s nothing more powerful than nature. With the medicinal properties of Tulsi, Giloy, Sunthi, etc., you give your health the support of Mother Nature to fight seasonal Flu and other infections.

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