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Multiflora honey is a type of honey which has its source from regions where wild vegetation and harsh climatic conditions are prevailed. This honey is sourced from different flora. This multiflora honey is made by creamed processing to achieve smooth texture. This honey produced by us is amber and has pleasant sweet taste. Our multiflora honey has mild flavor and aroma which is blended from different honey.

The multi flora honey offered by us is highly suitable for baking and can be consumed by applying on bread or toasts. This honey can also be mixed with beverages as it supplies high amount of energy to the body. This natural multi flora honey has creamy appearance and unique flavor from variety of flower nectars.

Benefits of Multi Flora Honey:

  • Our range of multi flora honey is 100% natural and pure.
  • Natural multi flora honey helps in improving immunity.
  • Reduces anti bacterial irritation.
  • Decreases the state of hypertension.
  • Multi flora honey has high spread ability.

Did you know that it takes a million blossoms & 55,000 miles of flying to create one pound of honey? Each individual honeybee will only create 1/12 of a teaspoon in her entire lifetime! They never sleep. Their evenings are spent fanning away at the nectar, reducing it’s moisture content until it becomes thick, rich, ripe honey!

Type of Honey Multiflora Honey
Color Extra Light Amber
Flowering Season March to May
Aroma & Taste Excellent in taste
Characteristics High Medicinal Values